The Challenge of Adult & Teen Challenge

Recently, while reading a book on effective teaching, I was reminded of this scripture: “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40).

What a challenge! We want to provide full training so that you can overcome life-controlling issues by learning to be like Jesus. This is not just another program teaching a concept or theory; we are teaching a relationship. And believe me; everyone involved in the process will need God’s help to carry us over the hurdles that block the way.

One young man who completed Adult & Teen Challenge shares his story, “My mother told me that I might as well have never been born because I would never ever amount to anything.” Obviously, he had some high hurdles blocking his path to recovery. He was told that he would never amount to anything…his life was a waste of time and should never have happened. What a hopeless outlook to overcome.

But the story doesn’t end there. At Adult & Teen Challenge, his life changed for the better. “One month into the program, I finally turned my life over completely to God.” The old life gave no hope… but at Adult & Teen Challenge, he learned lessons about new hope, new life, and a new attitude. He says it best, “I know that as long as I put God first in all that I do, anything is possible.” He was told that he would never amount to anything. Now he believes that anything is possible through Christ. He learned a valuable lesson from a loving Teacher—Jesus Christ. He accepted the challenge, and he was changed!

The “challenge” in Adult & Teen Challenge is to be fully trained to be more like Jesus. And in the process…you help us to be more like Him too. When all is said and done, may we all be fully trained to be like the Teacher. God bless you!

Paul Ridenour
Program Director

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